By Margaret H. Johnson

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – now that I pulled myself away from the internet and escaped to Vancouver Island to pick up my mother.

2014 has been such a busy and fulfilling year for me, for my staff and all the programs we have worked so hard to produce for our stakeholders. The wheels have been spinning so fast that I have truly been lost in the gravitational pull of daily routine and the solar heat of managing your own business. Sometimes I forget that my family and friends are all waiting on the other side of the door of duty and obligation.

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A good friend of mine, Michael Gillette, a renowned guitarist and teacher, gave me a great Christmas CD of traditional music with a delicious new flavour. Only two instruments play – a flute and acoustic guitar – that reinvigorate the classics with lively nuances and brilliant flurries.

An added feature to their vivacious touch makes this tribute to Christmas fresh: the songs are short. They are mindful the audience already knows the melodies. So, rather than keep repeating the refrains and verses they serve up tasty appetizers that bring back all of the joyful memories in exactly the right portions – just enough to bring a smile to your face. Continue reading

By Douglas P. Welbanks

A good friend of mine enjoyed a long distinguished career in one of Canada’s top 5 banks. He was well-liked by staff and colleagues. He possessed this rare ability to get along with virtually anyone. Not an easy task in any industry because there is usually at least one aggravating person in any crowd or office that challenges us to the maximum. Continue reading