Margaret H Johnson

Welcome! My name is Margaret, and I’m an Insolvency Counsellor registered by Industry Canada.

My philosophy is simple: “Your credit rating is not a reflection of your personal worth, it is merely a credit industry tool”.

After spending 25 years in the financial industry in both lending and collecting, I launched Solutions Credit Counselling Service Inc™ and Women and Money Inc. to help those burdened with debt regain their financial independence. Since then I’ve helped countless individuals become financially literate, and put them on the path to financial health recovery. I have also served many terms as President of the Canadian Association of Independent Credit Counselling Agencies (CAICCA). Continue reading

It’s that time of year again where we make a fresh start. It’s like going to confession and being absolved of past sins, ugly mistakes, bad purchases, a lousy lifestyle and over-indulgences of all descriptions.

I know a lot of people feel better after taking the courage to face the truth – to sit down somewhere quiet and take stock of the last 12 months and, undoubtedly find things they could have done better – and want to do better.

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By Margaret H. Johnson

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – now that I pulled myself away from the internet and escaped to Vancouver Island to pick up my mother.

2014 has been such a busy and fulfilling year for me, for my staff and all the programs we have worked so hard to produce for our stakeholders. The wheels have been spinning so fast that I have truly been lost in the gravitational pull of daily routine and the solar heat of managing your own business. Sometimes I forget that my family and friends are all waiting on the other side of the door of duty and obligation.

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