About Margaret Johnson

Margaret's philosophy is simple: "Your credit rating is not a reflection of your personal worth, it is merely a credit industry tool." In 1999 after spending 25 years in the financial industry in both lending and collecting, Margaret launched Solutions Credit Counselling Service Inc™ and Women and Money Inc. to help those burdened with debt regain their financial independence. Since then she's helped countless individuals become financially literate in addition to recovering their financial health. Margaret is an Insolvency Counsellor registered by Industry Canada. She is the President of The Canadian Association of Independent Credit Counselling Agencies (CAICCA) Other memberships and activities: Member - Vancouver Insolvency Discussion Group Charter Member - Canadian Insolvency Foundation Member - Association for Financial Counselling and Planning Education Member - Association of Credit and Collection Professionals - ACA International Former Vice President of Credit Professionals International (CPI) Member of the CPI board - 9 years Former Director - Surrey Public Library Volunteer - The Union Gospel Mission Volunteer - The Elizabeth Fry Society Volunteer and Mentor - Dress for Success Vancouver Volunteer - Corrections Canada, Youth Secure Detention Centre Volunteer - HRDC Self Employment Entrepreneurial Development Society Volunteer - Womens Network to Work Program Margaret is a two-time nominee for Entrepreneur of the Year, and a dedicated community leader. Margaret in the Media Margaret is the leading thinker in the field of Independent Canadian credit counselling. As a popular and respected financial speaker, Margaret is regularly sought after by the media to comment on matters of debt and credit as they affect the Canadian consumer. She is the author of many articles on credit counselling, and writes a popular advice column to promote credit education as a part of healthy living. Margaret's columns are featured on the popular Canadian Websites MyTelus.com , Shaw: Finance and Canada Home Guide . Margaret's progressive thinking keeps her in demand for public speaking engagements. She is very proud to have been a presenter at the Chapters of Health national seminar series.

A good friend of mine, Michael Gillette, a renowned guitarist and teacher, gave me a great Christmas CD of traditional music with a delicious new flavour. Only two instruments play – a flute and acoustic guitar – that reinvigorate the classics with lively nuances and brilliant flurries.

An added feature to their vivacious touch makes this tribute to Christmas fresh: the songs are short. They are mindful the audience already knows the melodies. So, rather than keep repeating the refrains and verses they serve up tasty appetizers that bring back all of the joyful memories in exactly the right portions – just enough to bring a smile to your face. Continue reading

By Douglas P. Welbanks

A good friend of mine enjoyed a long distinguished career in one of Canada’s top 5 banks. He was well-liked by staff and colleagues. He possessed this rare ability to get along with virtually anyone. Not an easy task in any industry because there is usually at least one aggravating person in any crowd or office that challenges us to the maximum. Continue reading

You’ve heard about debtors prisons, right? They were made somewhat famous by Charles Dickens in the 1800s through fictional characters and events. His father had been imprisoned for debt. His family suffered great shame and austerity. As society progressed out of the harsh middle ages eliminating debtors’ prisons became an essential part of a civilized society and disappeared by the 20th Century in most modernized countries. The appearance of bankruptcy legislation assisted in providing an end to a creditor’s contractual obligation to collect debts, even if the debtor had no means to repay, and that it became very expensive to house a growing population of debtors in prisons. Continue reading